Take 147 covers rock, classic rock, and alternative rock from the 80's to present. They are one of the few all "girl" rock bands in the Harrisburg, PA area. The members are Gretta Zechman (lead vocal and rhythm guitar), Amber Grunden (Bass), Patty Wilson (Percussion), and Rochelle Smith (lead guitar). Each member of the band comes with a different influence. Instead of molding the band into a singular genre of music, "Take" has chosen to play the music each member is influenced by; giving something for everyone. Not only does each member contribute with song selections, they share vocals and even switch up instruments, showing their diversity.

Take 147 was officially formed in October 2005 by members Gretta, Amber, and Patty, as a three piece girl band. From 2006 to 2009 Mike Nesmith was Take 147's lead guitarist. After three solid years, in 2009, Mike had an opportunity with another band he couldn't pass up. So once again, we were in search of a lead guitarist. In January 2010, Rochelle Smith became the new lead guitarist for Take 147. Rochelle has brought a new energy and talent. She is a perfect fit, adding an edge to our sound. She quickly stepped into her role and has made it a smooth transition for everyone.

Take 147 has become one of the most popular cover bands in central Pennsylvania. Coined as "Taker's" by Ms. Rachel Rocks of the PA Musician Magazine, these fans pack every local hotspot in central PA and even as far south as Rehoboth Beach when these girls hit the stage. In addition to their "Taker's", the complete synergy between band members is infectious. The crowd feeds on their interactions with them and between one another. With every performance these girls bring in it!. They are not just band members, they are family. "Take's" success has earned them many accolades. Most recently they took 2nd place in a Balitmore/D.C. area poll for 2013 Local Band of The Year. Take 147 has had the honor of opening for national acts such as Adema and Funny Money (Kix members). Most importantly, accolades aside, "Take" members are just honored to be doing what they love to do and share it with so many.

Currently, Take 147 just completed their debut album "Nothin' To Lose" at Full Tilt Productions with Co-Producer Jason Shaffer. The album is available for purchase on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon and Reverb Nation. You can also purchase the album by emailing us at www.take147music@yahoo.com. In the months to come we will be adding an e-store on our website where you also can make purchase for "Taker Gear" and of course the album.


Amber - Bass
Amber is one of the original members of the band. She started to play the bass only a
year prior to co-forming the band. Amber began writing music in high school. Both
she and Gretta wrote a rap song in high school that was entered into the Prom Promise
competition. The Prom Promise is a petition that students would sign to promise not
to drink or do drugs during prom. In addition to the number of people who signed the
petition other factors were judged; one being an original song related to staying sober.
That year our school won and Amber performed the rap song for the entire school. Since
then Amber has enjoyed writing music. Amber's musical influences are eighties rap,
Modest Mouse, Killers, New Politics, and Tegan and Sara and you'll see these influences
in the music she chooses for the band. Amber is known to be the "serious" member of
the band and is usually the one going over the list to ensure the band has everything it
needs for the night. She is equally as serious to put on the very best show for the fans
and has a blast doing it.


Gretta - Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
Gretta bought her first guitar at age 12 by saving her $1 a week allowance for almost a year until she had enough to buy the guitar she dreamt about…the sleek black electric guitar displayed at Hills Department Store. This electric guitar was complete with a built-in amp,
Mel Bay's Guitar Method book, and instructional cassette tape. She worked hard every day, practicing and playing over and over again Red River Valley and Love Me Tender. She eventually mastered these songs, got bored with them and was threatened by her
siblings to learn something else or bad things would happen to that guitar and cassette
tape. She moved on to teaching herself to play chords from her mom's collection of piano books. After mastering some basic chords, she began to pick up songs playing them by ear.

She also studied her father during visits with him when he would play. He taught her more
chords and introduced her to some classic songs that allowed her to use the five chords
she knew. Gretta continued to practice and expand on her chords opening up her song selections…which really pleased those siblings. Through the years to follow she met
several other musicians, had the occasional jam sessions of total discord but she was
playing and that was all that matter. She had her first audition in 1999 with a band named
FAR and was asked to join the band as their only female member. After many attempts to
pull a good selection of music together and not being able to achieve this goal, Gretta
decided to go out on her own. During this time, Gretta wrote several original songs and
recorded them.

One evening during a "hang-out" night with best friend (Amber) they talked about how
great it would be to share this music thing together…so they formed what is now
Take 147. Gretta's musical influences are her father Jim, 70's classic rock, 80's rock,
and currentartists such as, Matchbox Twenty, Lifehouse, The Killers, Fuel, and Three
Doors Down. She continues to improve on her skills and pushes herself to be a better musician. She is known as "the fearless leader" in the band...a role she humbly accepts. However, you most likely will find her to be the mischievous one as well, always coming
up with a plan to scare Rochelle with a fake snake or hiding behind doors to scare the other members of the band that happen to cross her path. She loves sharing this experience and growing as a musician with all the members of Take 147. Her future goal is to put a complete
Take 147 album together…and to scare Rochelle more with fake snakes.


Patty - Drums
Patty started playing music in 5th grade. She played the violin in the school orchestra and
moved on to play the viola as well as learning to play guitar in high school and college.
In 1997 she played rhythm guitar for Flame540. Flame 540 didn't have many shows
but did play at the Pink Lizard, The Pub and The Tourist Inn. In 2000, Flame 540 was
without a drummer, so she taught herself to play the drums to fill that role. She has also
played drums for Delta Jelly with Carol Jones, Dale Martin and Sheila Riehl. Delta Jelly
played at Harrisburg Pride in 2002, The Sundown Lounge, and Prudhomme's Lost Cajun
Kitchen. In 2005, after a mutual friend introduced her to bass player Amber Grunden,
she auditioned and became the drummer for the new start up band Take 147. Take
147 plays many venues in central PA. In addition to her role with Take 147 she started
playing drums with The Blood Sucking Fiends in 2009. The Blood Sucking Fiends have
played in Chicago, New York and in Lancaster, PA. She enjoys many genres of music
and is influenced by everything she's hears. She likes alternative rock, pop, indie rock,
folk rock and international music. She is listening to music constantly.


Ro - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Rochelle became interested in playing the guitar in middle school. After
countless hours of air guitar to Judas Priests Living' British Steel album, Rochelle
received a guitar for Christmas when she was 13. She started taking lessons
shortly thereafter. Rochelle and some high school friends formed her first band
in the 11th grade. Although this band dissolved quickly, Rochelle's passion for
playing rock n roll intensified immensely. Rochelle tried out for the high school
jazz band playing the guitar and filled that position in her junior and senior years
of high school all the while jamming with different local bands. Rochelle played
her first "bar gig" when she was 17. After countless tries she then formed a
solid band by the name of PROBLEM CHILD who had good success in the
Harrisburg, York and Lancaster Area.

This group disbanded after several years and Rochelle then tried out for a hometown
band by the name of WHITETRAX stepping into the role of lead guitarist for that band.
This band was very successful in the Harrisburg and surrounding areas, performing
many shows,competing in a battle of the bands and winning the grand prize. With the
winnings from that battle, WHITETRAX went into the studio and completed a full length
album. They received local airplay as well as radio interviews, positive reviews
and more success as their booking schedule increased. Unfortunately, this band
after a successful 5 years disbanded. Rochelle then decided to take some time
off the music scene to raise her son. After a long 13 yr. "break"…the long to play
music again resurfaced.

Rochelle struggled with what direction she wanted to go….play acoustic solo….or search
for a band. An ad for a lead guitarist for the band TAKE 147 caught her eye. After seeing them play live she decided to approach them and ask for an audition…….this, was the beginning
of a great connection, wonderful friendships and Rochelle's dream of once again playing
the music she loves.





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